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Eco-Ethonomics to Present “Food and Medicine, Farm as Therapy” at the NRC Fall Forum 2018

Working on the Toronto Rehab Urban Farm Project as a Senior Fellow of OpenLab, it has been especially rewarding to see my passion currently being considered by the University Health Network (UHN). In the summer of 2018, together with the team at UHN, OpenLab finalized the business plan for a social enterprise that aims to improve patient’s transition from the hospital to their homes and community care. We use food …Read More

Traditional vs. Agile: Which Project Management Style Suits the Non-Profit Sector Better?

Traditional (waterfall) project management has been around for decades and applies to many industries, it is what most of us working in the non-profit and social enterprise sectors are familiar with.   Agile project management, specifically Scrum, however, is relatively new and is primarily used in the IT sector, specifically for software development projects. At a recent Lunch and Learn, the Eco-Ethonomics team looked more closely at the Scrum project management …Read More

Evaluating Evaluation: Ontario’s Non-Profit Network Releases “State of Evaluation”

Evaluation is necessary to maintain the integrity of the non-profit sector. If good is the new currency, those of us in this industry need new ways of measuring that “good”. No easy feat, evaluation work is often a stressful, expensive and time-consuming process at best. Although in some ways the moral backbone of our sector, evaluation is also one of the least discussed topics. How many of us engage in …Read More

Where Are All the Affordable Accommodations?: Toronto is Too Expensive For Young Travellers

We all know that housing affordability is an issue in Toronto, as well as in other cities across Canada, but how many of us have given thought to the affordability of other types of accommodations? Eco-Ethonomics is currently engaged in work supporting the expansion plans for a youth hostel in Toronto and we have been blown away by what we have found. Not surprisingly, youth travellers typically seek out budget accommodations, …Read More

Book review – Doughnut Economics: Seven Ways to Think Like a 21st-Century Economist

In her book Doughnut Economics, Kate Raworth illustrates how today’s economic tools use a narrow and dogmatic theoretical framework, which do not reflect the multi-dimensional challenges of the 21stcentury. The teaching and development of economics has lost sight of its goal. The founders of economics, back in ancient Greece described economics as the practice of managing the resources of the home. Over time, the goal has been appropriated to concern …Read More

Special Senate Committee on the Charitable Sector (CSSB)

Leaders from across the non-profit sector have been addressing the Special Senate Committee on the Charitable Sector (CSSB) in recent days around the complexities faces by the public benefit sector in Canada. The CSSB was established in January 2018 with the goal of studying the impact of laws, regulations and government policies on charities and non-profits.  The Committee sits regularly on Monday’s on weeks when the Senate is sitting and …Read More

Prime Time for Food System Change

Canada’s first ever National Food Policy is set to be released this year.  To mark the moment Food Secure Canada is organizing its largest food movement event to date in Montreal.   From November 1 – 4thjoin the Eco-Ethonomics Team and Canada’s most passionate policy makers, leaders, activists and innovators who are working to build a Healthy, Just and Sustainable Local Food System in Canada!    Food Secure Canada’s National …Read More

Reimagining Non-Profit Governance

On September 27, 2018, The Mowat Centre released “Peering into the Future:  Reimaging Governance in the Non-Profit Sector”.  This timely report lays out some important thoughts on the current state of governance structures in the non-profit sector, provides some examples of alternative governance models, and lays out some key questions to consider as the sector looks for new governance models that will allow for a new definition of governance to …Read More

Governance Training with Eco-Ethonomics

At Eco-Ethonomics (EE) we believe that good governance is strategic governance.  We believe that governance is an important tool to help public-benefit organizations align how an organization operates with what it wants to achieve.  Strategic governance is more than reviewing financial statements and ensuring appropriate policies are in place, it’s about understanding the balance between organizational interests and an organization’s mission, the changing landscape in which an organization operates and, …Read More

Furniture Bank: The UpperCrust of Upcycling

For thousands of people across Canada eating dinner around a kitchen table every night is a tradition, for many others however, furniture is a luxury that is just out of reach. Furniture Bank is a Social Enterprise and charity that helps connect people in need with the dignity and stability of a furnished home. An innovator in the upcycling movement, Furniture Bank refurbishes donated pieces of furniture into gorgeous boutique …Read More