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Turns Out: SMART Goals Aren’t That Smart, But There’s a New Model Catching on Pretty FAST

When this article started to circulate in the EE office, it definitely caught our attention.  It seems many of us have been of the opinion that SMART goals were, well… dumb. For those of you not up on your acronyms, SMART (at least when it comes to goal setting) means, Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound.  SMART goals are prolific; and are a core element of most goal setting exercises, regardless of individual role, level or industry.  Now new research …Read More

Just Released: Canada’s Social Innovation and Social Finance Strategy

A year ago a steering committee was appointed by the Federal Government with the goal of co-creating a national Social Innovation and Social Finance Strategy. Canada consistently tops international rankings for happiness and liveability, but we have challenges of our own to overcome – poverty, indigenous injustice, homelessness, climate change, to name but a few. Complex issues demand innovative thinkers and luckily, we are a nation of those too. The …Read More

The Tapestry of Change: Weaving Together Social Enterprise and Financial Investments

A recent partner of Eco-Ethonomics, Tapestry Community Capital, has become particularly well known through their partnership with the Centre for Social Innovation (CSI). The CSI is the place in the city where innovators and those driven by social missions congregate to expound ideas and bring real change to their communities. CSI’s success is largely tied to the inspiring spaces that they occupy, which were purchased and brought to life with the power …Read More

Funding the Future with Vancity Community Investment Bank

The motto at Vancity Community Investment Bank? Finance Change, Change Finance. That might be hard to swallow coming from a bank, but that’s exactly what makes Vancity Community Bank both revolutionary and necessary. Their goal is to change what Canadians and society at large have come to expect from banks. No easy feat, but things worth doing rarely are. Vancity believes if they can change the way people view finance, then we can …Read More

Community Initiatives & Funding Opportunities

Social Enterprise Accelerator: Sustainable Food and Agriculture:   MaRS Social Venture connexion (SVX) is offering a social enterprise accelerator (SEA) program for social enterprises working in the sustainable food and agriculture sector. This is an amazing opportunity that will provide organizations with the support to develop their capital raising capacity and to scale their impact. Designed to eliminate uncertainty and increase investment readiness, this mentorship will feature an in-person intensive …Read More

Educating Men, Protecting Women

Evaluation and impact assessment is an area that we get excited about and are thrilled to be working in. In fact, we specialize in developmental evaluation, outcome-based evaluation, third-party evaluation, and overall organizational assessment. This means we get the chance to co-design and develop innovative evaluation frameworks and tools on a regular basis, and we couldn’t be more excited to share one of these with you. Eco-Ethonomics worked with White Ribbon Canada and its National Community of …Read More

Eco-Ethonomics’ New Social Impact Report Card

Eco-Ethonomics prides itself on leveraging cross-sector expertise to provide strategic advice, foster collaboration and facilitate cultural change in order to create social, environmental, and economic impact.  We have had the pleasure of serving a diversity of populations and supporting non-profit organizations, various levels of government, and private sector companies across the country. An infographic is a great way to clearly and quickly share important information, key data, and valuable knowledge with others. Infographics can also be used …Read More

Social Enterprise in Ontario – Making a Lasting Impact

The social enterprise sector in Ontario is rich, diverse and growing at an incredible pace. With over 10,000 social enterprises in Ontario, employing an estimated 160,000 people and serving 3.4 million customers a year- the importance of this sector cannot be understated. The benefits of the sector are incredibly impressive including job creation; environmental protection; local food promotion; community development; empowerment and up-skilling of vulnerable individuals and communities and poverty …Read More

Crowdfunding Your Startup – Hot Tips

Crowdfunding Your Startup – Hot Tips Brian Meece, Co-Founder & CEO, RocketHub, highlights the pillars of successful crowdfunding and explains what motivates people to commit funds.  Brian reveals some of the secrets to being successful at crowd funding.  To name a few tips, he explains the basics of storytelling, engaging the community by communicating your “why” and inviting people to “trade” not “aid” your startup.