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Business Planning

United Counties of Prescott – Russell

Eco-Ethonomics is working with the United Counties of Prescott-Russell to conduct a 5-year review of its 10-year Housing & Homelessness Plan which addresses local housing and homelessness needs. The 5-year review provides an opportunity to evaluate accomplishments to date and ensure the plan continues to reflect local housing needs and provincial requirements within the counties. Through a robust community and stakeholder consultation process, Eco-Ethonomics aims to understand the progress on …Read More

Simcoe County

Eco-Ethonomics is working with the County of Simcoe in assess community needs in order to inform the possible development of a vibrant Regional Community Hub that meets the diverse service and support needs of all members of the Orillia community. Eco-Ethonomics is engaging  a diverse range of community members, including residents, local organizations, government agencies, neighbourhood associations, businesses, City and County staff, in a multi-pronged consultation to uncover community needs, …Read More

HI Toronto

Eco-Ethonomics Inc is working with Hosteling International Toronto to develop a compelling proposal to acquire city support and financing for their expansion and relocation project, which will establish them as Toronto’s most iconic hostel. A hostel that is equal in design, stature and cultural appeal to those that draw hundreds of thousands of visitors to leading cities around the world. With innovation at the forefront, the project will rely on …Read More

United Way Hamilton Halton

Eco-Ethonomics will help to facilitate the implementation of the Urban Roots project. An urban farm born out of the leadership of devoted community leaders with a passion for bio-intensive micro-farming and the United Way Hamilton Halton. The project seeks to place a focus on experiential learning, using the urban farm as a teaching resource as well as function as a self-sustaining social enterprise and resourceful pillar for the community. Eco-Ethonomics …Read More

University Health Network

In 2015, Eco-Ethonomics was hired to guide a feasibility study on a number of variations of a social enterprise model with an aim to integrate more local food into the meals of UHN’s hospital inpatients, outpatients, staff, and hospital visitors. The consultant team has been rehired in 2017 to assist in business planning for the development of an urban farm at Toronto Rehab Institute’s Lyndhurst campus and estimate its social, health and environmental outcomes.

Peel Multicultural Council

In 2015, Eco-Ethonomics Inc. worked with Peel Multicultural Council (PMC) to provide coaching services that aided in the completion of a feasibility study for PMC’s social enterprise focused on providing cost effective Legal, Immigration and Allied services to clients in Peel Region. The consultant team has been rehired to pursue business planning for the social enterprise. The goal of the social enterprise is to achieve excellence by delivering programs, products and …Read More

Klink Coffee

Klink Coffee helps individuals returning home from prison become responsible community members. They do this by providing programs and services that help remove barriers to entering the workforce. Eco-Ethonomics Inc. has been hired to help Klink Coffee develop a business plan with the goals of streamlining their operational processes, leveraging social media support, implementing a comprehensive CRM and business support system, and doubling their revenues by next year. The consultant …Read More

Greenbelt Fund

Eco-Ethonomics Inc. is currently working with Greenbelt Fund to develop an online distribution route map social enterprise based on a “RideShare for Local Food” concept.  The business planning process includes partnership development, organizational structure and ownership, the formation of an industry advisory council, a full market assessment, marketing planning, operational planning, financial planning and risk assessment. The project will conclude with a development process along with technical requirements and a …Read More

YWCA Hamilton

Eco-Ethonomics Inc. is assisting YWCA Hamilton in the business planning process for a cafe/catering social enterprise to employ vulnerable women. The project builds on a previous feasibility study that was conducted by Eco-Ethonomics and C Lang Consulting, and aims to develop a strong business plan to help direct the social enterprise through the future stages of its growth (over the next 3-5 years).  It is hoped that the business plan will …Read More