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Business Planning

Greenbelt Fund

Eco-Ethonomics Inc. is currently working with Greenbelt Fund to develop an online distribution route map social enterprise based on a “RideShare for Local Food” concept.  The business planning process includes partnership development, organizational structure and ownership, the formation of an industry advisory council, a full market assessment, marketing planning, operational planning, financial planning and risk assessment. The project will conclude with a development process along with technical requirements and a …Read More

YWCA Hamilton

Eco-Ethonomics Inc. is assisting YWCA Hamilton in the business planning process for a cafe/catering social enterprise to employ vulnerable women. The project builds on a previous feasibility study that was conducted by Eco-Ethonomics and C Lang Consulting, and aims to develop a strong business plan to help direct the social enterprise through the future stages of its growth (over the next 3-5 years).  It is hoped that the business plan will …Read More

Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf

Eco-Ethonomics Inc. is providing coaching to the Canadian Cultural Society for the Deaf  (CCSD) to develop a social enterprise business plan. CCSD wishes to implement a Tea Shop in Toronto in which ordering and purchasing tea products will be completed in American Sign Language. This business would provide an opportunity for everyone to experience and learn basic signs while also providing gainful employment for members of the deaf community. Key …Read More

Kinark Child and Family Services

Eco-Ethonomics is working with Kinark Child and Family Services to facilitate business planning for their social enterprise concept. Kinark wishes to develop a social enterprise that provides weeklong respite to families with Autism in a manner that is reasonably priced and family focused. Key components of this project include further refining the social enterprise concept so that it meets customer’s needs and ensures that family cottage packages remain affordable.  At …Read More

Sierra Club Canada Foundation

Eco-Ethonomics worked closely with the Sierra Club Canada Foundation to coach a group of key staff through the social enterprise development process.  The engagement included the development of a business model, marketing plan and financial plan for a social enterprise based on the sale of workshops in environmental sustainability.

Canadian Institute for Natural and Integrative Medicine

Eco-Ethonomics Inc. consultants are working with Canadian Institute for Natural and Integrative Medicine to develop a business plan to bring its online resiliency-building course, BreathingRoom, to market, which assists youth in better managing life’s challenges. The Canadian Institute for Natural and Integrative Medicine (CINIM) is a non-profit organization in Calgary and is committed to developing and delivering evidence-based mental health programs that empower people to live life to the fullest. The online …Read More

Inspirations Studio

Inspirations Studio is a social enterprise of Sistering – A Woman’s Place, that provides education to low-income women for creating and selling pottery. The purpose of this social enterprise is to empower women with the tools required for success while promoting women’s expression and creativity.  The enterprise delivers a quality product and sales revenue provides women with supplemental income and needed support services. Eco-Ethonomics Inc. is providing intensive business coaching and sales …Read More

A-Way Express Courier

Eco-Ethonomics Inc. is currently working with A-Way Express Courier in Toronto to further develop their social enterprise model and assess the market for opportunities within the courier and delivery industry.  A-Way Express Courier has led in providing a social purpose courier service by using public transportation and employing/supporting individuals with lived experience of mental illness. Eco-Ethonomics Inc. is helping A-Way Express Courier to develop their brand and marketing strategy, as well …Read More

Greenest City

The Eco-Ethonomics Team is working closely with Greenest City to develop a business plan for a Rooftop Urban Greenhouse social enterprise in the City of Toronto.  The planning process will combine the efforts of a project team to develop and refine a business model that will position the social enterprise for success in cultivating local, fresh produce within the city and selling it to local food retailers. The process will …Read More

SIRCH Community Services

Eco-Ethonomics Inc. is currently working with SIRCH in Haliburton Ontario in assessing the market and developing their social enterprise model for their “Need a Hand” program.  The program matches people who have the time, skills and desire to offer their services for odd jobs in the community, to those who have a need for some assistance in a similar area.  The project involves working closely with the senior staff at SIRCH to …Read More