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Feasibility Assessment

HI Toronto

Eco-Ethonomics Inc is working with Hosteling International Toronto to develop a compelling proposal to acquire city support and financing for their expansion and relocation project, which will establish them as Toronto’s most iconic hostel. A hostel that is equal in design, stature and cultural appeal to those that draw hundreds of thousands of visitors to leading cities around the world. With innovation at the forefront, the project will rely on …Read More

MATCH International Women’s Fund

A non-profit organization focusing on women’s rights around the world, MATCH International has expanded into the world of social enterprise with Cov(her), a business endeavor which supports women’s rights organizations, in Canada and abroad, to continue to do their work by offering shared back office functions. A specialist in social enterprise development and sustainability, Eco-Ethonomics was hired by MATCH International Women’s Fund to help grow and expand their current social …Read More

Durham College Farm and Food System Innovation Hub

Durham College is seeking to develop a Farm and Food System Innovation Hub at an underutilized, 26-acre, property in North Oshawa. The hub will potentially provide space for start-ups, events, tool storage, privately funded research, education and public research. Eco-Ethonomics was hired to conduct a feasibility study on the farm and food system innovation hub to ensure it is a project that many stakeholders contribute to envisioning and benefit from. …Read More

Etobicoke Network of Refugee Sponsors

The Etobicoke Network of Refugee Sponsors (ENRS) is a committed volunteer organization consisting of both private and community sponsors within Etobicoke and beyond, to address the needs of new sponsors involved in refugee settlement. The ENRS is a collaboration of Islington United Church and ECULINKS Etobicoke. Eco-Ethonomics has been hired to conduct a feasibility study to address growth modelling prior to investing in the formal development of the network.

Humber Community Seniors’ Services

Humber Community Seniors’ Services (HCSS) is a non-profit organization that strives to enhance the quality of life for seniors and adults with disability by providing a wide range of support services and wellness programs that enable individuals to remain at home and promote independent living in the community. Eco-Ethonomics Inc. has been hired to support HCSS in the development of an innovative social enterprise business model, which will begin with …Read More

Community Support Connections

Community Support Connections – Meals on Wheels and More is a charitable organization providing seniors and adults with disabilities with a range of supports and services that enable them to live at home with independence and dignity. Eco-Ethonomics Inc. was hired to conduct a feasibility assessment, and to develop a business and implementation plan for a leading social enterprise concept.

Inner City Health Associates

Eco-Ethonomics Inc. is currently working with Inner City Health Associates (ICHA) and numerous partners (including St. Michael’s Hospital, Community Care Access Centre, Good Neighbourhoods Club and Fred Victor) on the agency’s Advisory Committee to facilitate a feasibility study on developing a hospice for the homeless and vulnerably housed in downtown Toronto.  ICHA is a group of over 60 physicians that are currently running a program called PEACH to provide medical …Read More

MiningWatch Canada and Canary Institute

Eco-Ethonomics Inc. worked with MiningWatch Canada and Canary Institute to prepare three funding applications. The applications requested funding for a social enterprise feasibility study, as well as, social enterprise training for the Board of Directors, and social enterprise coaching for senior leadership at MiningWatch Canada. The project partners are interested in discovering whether a social enterprise that provides consulting and advisory services to First Nations and mining affected communities is …Read More

Peel Multicultural Council

Eco-Ethonomics Inc. is working with Peel Multicultural Council (PMC) to provide coaching services that aid in the completion of a feasibility study. The study focuses on PMC’s social enterprise of providing cost effective Legal, Immigration and Allied services to clients. The goal of the social enterprise is to achieve excellence by delivering programs, products and services that meet the needs of the community, advance PMC’s social mission (to promote a …Read More

Afghan Women’s Organization

The AWO’s mission is to improve newcomers’ quality of life, to help them live in dignity and reach their full potential, and to promote social and economic inclusion so that they become contributing members of society. Afghan Women’s Organization has hired Eco-Ethonomics Inc. to assess the feasibility of their social enterprise which aims to provide fine quality sewing services and products, including alteration and tailoring services and handmade crafts, to …Read More