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Organizational Development

National Farmers Union – Ontario

The National Farmers Union – Ontario is a farm organization whose members work together to advocate for policies that maintain small and medium sized family farms as the primary food-producers in Canada. The NFU-O believes agriculture should be economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable and lead to enriched soils, biodiverse ecosystems, financially-viable farms, health and safe food, and thriving rural communities. Eco-Ethonomics Inc. has been hired to undertake an organizational review …Read More

Victorian Order of Nurses

The Victorian Order of Nurses has hired Eco-Ethonomics Inc. to develop a Theory of Change for the Ontario Student Nutrition Program South West Region. The project involves the design and implementation of a workshop where the foundations of the theory of change will be laid out in a collaborative manner and the final development of a narrative and visualization appropriate for key audiences.

100Km Foods

100km Foods is an award winning local food distribution company that focuses on delivering fresh, local food in the Greater Toronto Area. 100km Foods is continually expanding their product list with more high quality, locally produced items. Eco-Ethonomics Inc. is gathering market intelligence through a 2-part process in which in-depth interviews with a small number of targeted customers is being used to inform the design of a survey, which will …Read More

Social Planning Council of Sudbury

The Social Planning Council of Sudbury is interested in developing a food strategy for Sudbury. They have engaged Eco-Ethonomics to help them uncover potential funders for this project. This involves researching food funders, and determining what funders would be most likely to fund a project of this nature. Eco-Ethonomics Inc, will be providing the Social Planning Council of Sudbury with this information, as well as, information pertaining to funding priorities, …Read More

Ontario Natural Food Co-op

Ontario Natural Food Co-op (ONFC) has hired Eco Ethonomics Inc. to help identify various possible structural relationships between ONFC and Local Organic Food Co-op Network for the 2016-2018 fiscal years. To complete this task, Eco Ethonomics Inc. will devise a host of options for the structural relationship, articulate the risks and benefits of each option, use a decision making framework to weigh relevant factors, and make a recommendation on the …Read More

Bethell Hospice

Eco-Ethonomics Inc. has been hired by Bethell Hospice to provide consulting services in the areas of service mapping and coordination. Through clearly identifying a standardized approach to client intake procedures, Eco-Ethonomics Inc. is helping Bethell Hospice to provide more effective and efficient services to their clients.  A common intake process will reduce current operational duplication and streamline the client experience.

Kitchener Market

Eco-Ethonomics’ consultant team began working with City of Kitchener staff to engage stakeholders and strategic partners throughout southwestern Ontario and Waterloo Region to collect feedback from a variety of stakeholders whose ideas and perspectives will assist in setting new strategic priorities for the Kitchener market. The Kitchener market has enjoyed a long history with many successes and has been recognized as a key asset that fits within the City’s vision of …Read More

KFL&A Public Health

Eco-Ethonomics Inc. is working with the Kingston Frontenac Lennox and Addington Public Health Unit to provide the Food Policy Council for KFL&A with a written report that synthesizes key evidence related to the broad community food system in their region. Eco-Ethonomics Inc. will be collecting and synthesizing data from secondary sources, and engaging with key stakeholders to provide a snapshot of the community food system to enrich this data. The …Read More

The Keele Street Community Alliance

Eco-Ethonomics Inc. is currently working with Social Planning Toronto, York Hispanic Centre, For Youth Initiative, Somali Immigrant Aid Organization, Community Action Resource Centre, Women Abuse Council of Toronto, through a collaborative stakeholder engagement and strategic planning process.  The organizations are co-located and wish to explore opportunities for collaboration, shared service models, and potential cost efficiencies in working together.

Grand Erie Immigration Partnership

Eco-Ethonomics Inc. is working with Grand Erie Immigration Partnership to analyze data across their catchment area from three different evaluation processes. The Eco-Ethonomics team is analyzing the results from an in-depth newcomer consultation, an online survey conducted with service providers and community organizations, as well as, the Employer One survey.  Our roles is to prepare a summary report that highlights overall results from the work of GEIP over the course of …Read More