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House, household.


The character or fundamental values of a person, people, culture, or movement.

νόμος ‎(nómos)

The body of law, especially that governing human behaviour.


Eco-Ethonomics Inc.  is a groundbreaking consulting firm that leverages cross-sector expertise to provide strategic advice, foster collaboration and facilitate cultural change in order to combine social, environmental and business objectives. The firm and its dynamic team bring an entrepreneurial spirit to the areas of corporate social responsibility, ethical governance, organizational development, program and evaluation planning, and social enterprise development. We exist to maximize value for all stakeholders and promote the success, health and prosperity of businesses, organizations and communities.

Mission:  to create a new economy of value. By infusing the multiple-value lens into the core of business practice and organizational culture, we fuel long-term sustainable growth and development.

Vision:  a world in which individuals, companies, organizations, and governments operate within a new ethical context defined by an expanded notion of global responsibility and make decisions based on values that they are committed to for a sustainable future.




Integrity We operate on 100% integrity and strive to maintain the highest code of conduct throughout all our business practices and interactions with clients.  This means keeping our words and actions consistent at all times, managing expectations, making strong commitments, communicating clearly, and delivering on our promises.


Sustainability We will ensure that all our practices and policies, as well as those of our clients, will be consistent with a commitment to the protection of the future for all life, ecosystem and the planet.


Responsibility We are deeply inspired by and committed to an expanded notion of responsibility whereby individuals and organizations view responsibility as an opportunity to make a difference.  Where people continually ask themselves “what can I be responsible for?” and then see themselves as having the capacity to make a difference. 


Empowerment We invest in, train, and inspire others to increase their autonomy and reach beyond their goals, and we support the development of changemakers who are deeply committed to social justice and civic engagement.

Social Inclusion

Social Inclusion We will strive to include under-represented groups in decision-making processes and will include multiple stakeholders in community development initiatives.


Transparency We will provide our services and operate with the highest degree of transparency without compromising client confidentiality.


Collaboration  We are not interested in becoming a central moral authority or operating on the fringes of society but rather working at the intersection of the sectors with multiple stakeholders in partnership with organizations helping to develop an ethical culture and economy. 

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