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Research and Analysis

We specialize in effectively collecting relevant data and performing quantitative and qualitative analysis to enhance decision making and generate insight.

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We pride ourselves in listening to our clients and their stakeholders, and creating processes that open up dialogue by asking the right questions. This exploration process provides the groundwork for generating relevant strategic solutions that maximize value creation.

Strategic Solutions and Implementation

Our commitment to innovation shines through in our teams ability to think strategically and bring a solutions oriented approach to all our projects.

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We want to ensure that our clients get the most value from their planning activities by ensuring ideas are put into action. We spend the time to work through implementation planning to make strategic decisions actionable and accountable.

Marketing and Communications

Our dynamic team helps to tell the story and the impact resulting from your initiatives. We enhance your brand and communicate your message effectively.

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We believe that profiling the work you do is an important part of being successful as a social innovator. Engaging people in the vision of your enterprise, corporate initiative, or new strategic plan, is essential to mobilizing a community of support.

Our Recent Work

Our Areas of Specialty

Social Enterprise Development

We help organizations develop non-profit business models that generate revenue to invest in social, economic and environmental impact.  Our team brings expertise across multiple sectors in management, market intelligence, business strategy, marketing, operations and financial planning.   Combining these business skills with in-depth experience in community economic development, social responsibility and sustainability enables us to guide the growth and evolution of these new, highly innovative businesses.

Evaluation and Impact Assessment

We make evaluation rewarding for all involved and combine innovation in documentation.  Our work in this field has been substantial and we often create evaluation frameworks and build evaluation capacity for organizations on behalf of funders.

Sustainability Planning

We have combined our proprietary sustainability assessment framework, experience in planning and innovative sustainability solutions to assist in connecting an organizations core strategy with increased social responsibility and sustainability for all stakeholders.  Our rigorous process and focus on stakeholder engagement assists businesses in building their brand and market position through demonstrating real commitment to sustainable practices.

Strategic Planning

We facilitate board retreats and strategic planning sessions on a regular basis.  Our approach to this work is built on experience.  We believe beginning this process by gathering data through stakeholder consultations is important to enhance decision making. We effectively assist organizations to write strong, powerful and inspiring strategic plans while gaining maximum buy-in from board members and key staff throughout the process.

Social Media and Digital Strategy

We have developed a low cost social media strategy service package for nonprofits and charities.  We build online information infrastructure and facilitate the development of a digital strategy assisting organizations to create a powerful online presence.

Community Research and Policy Development

We conduct community-based research studies on behalf of organizations and government to bring together and collect essential feedback from stakeholders to inform policy development and community mobilization.

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  • Eco-Ethonomics was able to accomplish a great deal of work with modest resources. Ryan and his team were able to synthesize complex information, represent views graphically in informative and engaging ways and steer us towards adopting a theory of change which reflected the diversity of the food movement while boiling down massive amounts of information to what was truly important and common in our work together. Good value, very professional, just challenging enough. Very passionate and knowledgeable about food issues.

    Diana Bronson, Executive Director, Food Secure Canada

  • Working with Eco-Ethonomics, specifically Ryan Turnbull has been a real pleasure. They deliver on their promises, within set time-lines and budget. Not to mention, the quality of the work produced is superior. I found Ryan and his team to be accommodating, flexible, knowledgeable and very professional. I highly recommend them.

    Lidia Monaco, Project Facilitator, Toronto Neighbourhood Centres

  • We are very pleased to recommend the services of Eco-Ethonomics consultants who have been instrumental in assisting St Leonard's Place Peel with many projects which have enhanced the services we provide to a vulnerable population. The principal, Ryan Turnbull, has taken the time to understand the vision and direction of the agency and has been very timely in generating reports. The research, planning and evaluation work completed through working with Eco-Ethonomics have proven useful in guiding our activities and ultimately achieving our goals as an agency.

    Richard Brown, Executive Director, St. Leonard's Place Peel

  • Ryan Turnbull at Eco-Ethonomics was engaged as part of a larger project team to undertake a feasibility study related to a Regional Food Hub in Perth County. Ryan was professional, knowledgeable, responsive and committed to ensuring a quality end report. He took the time to understand the project and needs of the project committee and design a research structure that would provide valuable insights. I would not hesitate to recommend Ryan or his project team in the future.

    Kristin Sainsbury, Economic Development Officer, Perth County

  • The insights we've picked up from Eco-Ethonomics Inc. have been incredibly valuable to me and my organization. The consultant helped our growing GreenUP store to become more profitable and to focus more on consumer needs. We have become stronger leaders, and within the organization, promotion activities and product displays are given more thought. People have asked us how we continue to work so well and source more and more useful sustainable products; a lot of this success can be attributed to skills we learned through working with Eco-Ethonomics. The knowledge and expertise provided in social enterprise and marketing, and the research and data analysis proved insightful. Now, we can concentrate on doing our jobs more effectively allowing us to position the GreenUP store for the future in a rapidly changing market.

    Axel Tscherniak, Executive Director, Peterborough Green Up

  • The work done by Eco-Ethonomics for UNITY Charity truly brought our staff together and challenged them to articulate areas of our organization that will be crucial to our future success. Working with Eco-Ethonomics ultimately helped our staff to better understand how their programs fit in the overall organization with our new theory of change. The consultant team were fantastic facilitators who were able to work with our staff effectively to produce a detailed marketing plan that will support the growth of our social enterprise. Thank you for all your help! I would highly recommend Eco-Ethonomics and would love to have the opportunity to bring them back for future projects. with UNITY Charity.

    Michael Prosserman, Executive Director, Unity Charity

  • Gateway gained invaluable insight through the Rural Social Enterprise workshops and consultations. ……Ryan Turnbull [of Eco-Ethonomics] assisted our group in evaluating Gateway’s position as a Social Enterprise. We were guided in strategic analysis of our strengths and weaknesses helped direct our group in developing a new communication plan for our stakeholders. This will enable Gateway to reach more funders and at the same time continue to be responsible to our local communities….

    Gwen Devereaux, President, Gateway RHRI

  • On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Grey Bruce Sustainability Network Inc., we would like to express our appreciation to ….Ryan Turnbull, for the very excellent workshop that your group designed and facilitated in June 2011…

    Sally M. Leopard, Chair, Grey-Bruce Sustainability Network

  • .....Eco-Ethonomics expertise has been extremely valuable to WSCC. Through the guidance of the Rural Social Enterprise Project WSCC was able to identify gaps in our organization, prioritize our areas of work, create a functional illustration of our organization and most importantly recognize our organization as a social purpose enterprise with enormous potential…

    Judi Vinni, Coordinator, Willow Springs Creative Centre

  • Eco-Ethononics was excellent in terms of the support and guidance they provided to our project. The consultant's expert advice and in-depth knowledge of the field really helped to shape our business plan in a way that would have been difficult on our own. Their stewardship was invaluable.

    Shabnum Budhwani, Manager, Programs and Services, Skills For Change

  • Ryan and team were consummate professionals throughout the process, bringing to bear a model that balances business and social outcomes. I will highly recommend him and his team.

    Haris Blentic, Manager of Employment Services, Dixon Hall

  • An excellent mentor who took us through the entire Business Plan development process sharing his knowledge and expertise generously and with patience. Always came prepared, sent materials and agenda ahead of time and was available for consultation and provided ongoing feedback. The team learned a great deal from his mentorship.

    Nuzhath Leedham, Executive Director, Riverdale Hub

  • Eco -Ethonomics delivered a quality product by working through a strategic collaborative process! We appreciated their leadership and expertise with this important project!

    Debbie Moffatt, Director of Quality and Community Development, Community Living Mississauga

  • The Eco-Ethonomics team helped establish a solid evaluation framework for our pilot project. Throughout the process, Ryan Turnbull and the rest of the team kept us updated about the process and met our needs on a tight timeline. We have confidence in the results of our pilot project evaluation and will be working to expand the initiative across our region.

    Nicole Niedra-Biordi, Policy Analyst, Niagara Region Public Health

  • It was indeed a pleasure working with Ryan Turnbull and his team and I would highly recommend them. They were thoughtful and professional and amazing to work with. They really helped us advance our enterprise.

    Patricia Steele, Executive Director, Canadian Institute for Natural and Integrative Medicine

  • A large group of Caledon organizations worked closely with Ryan and his team for an extended period of time. We developed a governance model based on collective impact within a shared community hub. It was tough work, akin to herding mosquitoes. Ryan provided superb facilitation. The elephants in the room were exposed respectfully and trust was built amongst all. Camaraderie and shared vision thrived through Ryan’s sound preparation and execution of the work at hand

    Monty Laskin, Chief Executive Officer, Caledon Community Services

  • It isn't often that you find a consultant that has so much in depth knowledge surrounding the challenging nature of developing social enterprise, strategic planning, and team building within a large organization. Ryan not only took the time to work with the entire management team, he was able to help us streamline and illustrate the vision we all have for an effective, purposeful, and successful social enterprise. His hard work and unwavering enthusiasm in helping us achieve our goals truly makes Ryan, and Eco-Ethonomics, part of our team.

    Erica Thomson, Social Enterprise Manager, LOFT Kitchen, Christie Ossington Neighbourhood Centre

  • Working with Ryan and his team at Eco-Ethonomics was the best experience I've had working with a consultancy. We brought them on to help us with a feasibility study for a social enterprise designed to help Ontario farmers access flexible and affordable distribution services through Ontariofresh.ca. Ryan was able to pull together a well-rounded team with expertise specific to each aspect of the project, from technical requirements for the tool to food safety. Detail oriented and passionate about the projects he takes on, I would definitely recommend Ryan and his team at Eco-Ethonomics.

    Megan Hunter, Program Manager, Greenbelt Fund

  • I had the opportunity to work with Eco-Ethonomics on various projects for our organization's social purpose enterprise. Ryan and his team provide excellence in knowledge and experience, strategy and project management. Our team always looked forward to working with the Eco-Ethonomics team because of the collaboration and creativity and the fun we had during the sessions. We always felt more inspired for the work we do. Ryan and his team brought high levels of integrity, passion and commitment to our organization and we are grateful for having had the opportunity to work together.

    Cindy Roemer, Program Director, Windfall Basics

  • The team at YWCA Hamilton had an excellent experience working with Eco-Ethonomics to create the right business plan for our social enterprise. Provided with a short deadline and an ambitious goal, Ryan Turnbull and his team easily adapted to our needs and they were able to deliver a high quality product. It was a pleasure to work with Eco-Ethonomics.

    Medora Uppal, Director of Operations, YWCA Hamilton

  • Ryan Turnbull is committed to high standards in research and report writing. Because he is such a careful and complete communicator, the client is assured of a quality experience and outcome. Many thanks to Ryan for his excellent work.

    Kim De Lallo, Director of Member Relations and Education, Ontario Natural Food Co-op

  • We have truly benefitted from the mentoring provided by Ryan Turnbull and Trevor Benson of Eco-Ethonomics Inc. Their wisdom, guidance, support and knowledge has been extremely helpful and encouraging. Our meetings with them always motivate us and affirm that we are on the right track. Many thanks for providing these awesome services.

    Jo Ann Hislop, Director of Programs, Evangel Hall Mission

  • Eco-Ethonomics was extremely creative in their approach to community engagement for the Kitchener Market. We appreciated that their process was active, open and innovative and helped us to achieve our goals and improve our public outreach both with our vendors, customers, peers and the community. They were able to effectively facilitate and lead planned activities, on time and on budget. Overall, they were a pleasure to work with and very knowledgeable.

    Kim Feere, Manager, Kitchener Market, City of Kitchener

  • I've had the opportunity to work with Ryan and his team on two occasions. Both times, they demonstrated a strong understanding of the sector and subject matter. They offered impeccable service- attention to detail and highly motivated "to get it right" attitude. Ryan's progressive approach streamlined discussions and helped the groups that I participated in to achieve desired results. I'd highly recommend Eco-Ethonomics Inc.

    Nilda Patey, Executive Director, Bethell Hospice

  • The insights, recommendations and technical guidance provided have helped KLINK Coffee develop a Sales and Marketing Plan that we have confidence in moving forward. We have been especially appreciative of the manner in which you conducted your review and provided feedback. It was respectful. As a start-up and a not-for-profit as well, this was welcomed and somewhat unexpected. Our best regards to all your staff that worked on our file. KLINK Coffee would not hesitate to use Eco-Ethonomics Inc. again or to recommend to another organization.

    Ted Addie, Manager, Klink Coffee

  • Eco-Ethonomics' work on the Middlesex London Community Food Assessment has been very professional and thorough. The team has in-depth food system expertise that shows through in the work completed. We are very proud to present this work to our community!

    Ellen Lakusiak, Registered Dietitian, Middlesex London Health Unit

  • The team at Eco-Ethonomics who supported our work were amazing! They quickly and accurately came to understand our business and our customers; they were patient; and the team seemed to be as passionate about our enterprise as we are. Whatever success we have in implementing the business plan that we developed with them is completely due to their guidance. Thank you for helping us to see, value, and articulate the work that we do.

    Jane Isbister, Director, Kinark Outdoor Center

  • My team and I had the chance to work with Eco-Ethonomics on a one-year journey to assess the feasibility of several social enterprise ideas. The project took many unexpected turns and Eco-Ethonomics’ President played a key role in keeping us engaged, in building consensus with the team and in pursuing the most promising path. Ryan is flexible, reliable and generous with his work. He is a talented facilitator, using his great sense of diplomacy to move discussion forward. He has an important network and was able to connect us with skillful members of the fields we researched. I would not hesitate to recommend Ryan and his team at Eco-Ethonomics in the future.

    Adeline Cohen, Food Project Coordinator, University Health Network

  • Eco-Ethonomics certainly packs a lot of bang for the buck. The team was able to work with a modest budget and tight timelines, to say nothing of somewhat vaguely stated project parameters, while keeping a professional demeanour and good humour throughout. They were able to facilitate a number of linked fun, interactive and engaging processes that yielded several key deliverables, whose full impact has yet to be assessed, and with which we will doubtless be working for years. True participatory, action research at its best! I would recommend Ryan and his team to anyone, without reservation.

    Phil Groff, Executive Director, Sustain Ontario

  • The food issues in our city were so diversified and often entrenched that only a seasoned organization could have brought this community together under the umbrella of collaboration, wisdom, and well researched statistical data. Eco-Ethonomics accomplished this task with a strong sense of professionalism and understanding. Their understanding of local, regional, national and global trends in food growing and marketing introduced us to exciting new dimensions in our comprehension of the food system. It would be correct to say that bringing in Eco-Ethonomics proved to be the most pivotal investment we made in the entire process and we were thrilled with the outcome.

    Jane Roy, Co-Director, London Food Bank

  • We had the pleasure of working with Ryan Turnbull of Eco-Ethonomics, who coached us in the development of a feasibility study of our social enterprise initiative. Throughout this process, Ryan Turnbull and his team guided us with necessary information, knowledge, strategies, feedback, methodologies and timelines. Ryan remained committed to the quality of research and final report. Ryan was flexible and accommodated our schedule for the work required and his facilitated sessions kept us very interested, productive and enthusiastic in completing the feasibility study. We are thankful for all his help, which went beyond what would be normally expected. We would highly recommend Ryan Turnbull of Eco-Ethonomics and would look forward to any future opportunities to work together.

    Naveed Chaudhry, Executive Director, Peel Multicultural Council

  • Ryan and his team displayed professionalism at every turn. They were quickly able to understand and adapt within a multi-year complex partnership project working with nine organizations across Canada. Ryan and his team adopted a spirited collaborative model in developing an evaluation framework. Ultimately, the use of this framework will build capacity for organizations to develop, implement and evaluate gender-based violence prevention programming.

    Kate Bojin, Project Manager, White Ribbon

  • We have been extremely pleased with the work Eco-Ethonomics has done for us, in guiding the planning process for this part of the project.  Your insights, professionalism and support of our vision have been invaluable!

    Kimberly Earls, Manager of Regional Economic Development, South Central Ontario Region Economic Development Corporation

  • Ryan and his team are great to work with. They are insightful, forward thinkers who add a lot of expertise, focus and vision. I would recommend them wholeheartedly.

    Paul Sawtell, Chief Executive Officer, 100km Foods Inc.

  • We had an ambitious timeline for a big project with multiple and complex deliverables - the Eco-Ethonomics team worked collaboratively with us to meet and surpass expectations, on time and on budget.

    Dale Howatt, Executive Director, Community Support Connections

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