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A Closer Look – Collaborative Planning in Georgina

Community Needs Assessment


A Closer Look, funded by United Way Greater Toronto, is a core part of United Way’s Building Strong Neighbourhoods Strategy, which is aiming to close the rising gaps within priority neighbourhoods by targeting efforts, resident engagement and improving access to community focused tools for change. A Closer Look is led by a collaborative which includes Routes Connecting Communities, Jericho Youth Services and Georgina Food Pantry.

The overall objective of Eco-Ethonomics’ work with A Closer Look on this project is to understand how place-based community approaches can lead to greater opportunities for neighbourhood development to build upon community capacity, advocacy and participation in community driven solutions. Eco-Ethonomics is working with the collaborative to complete a needs assessment report through primary research and a community consultation process.  Findings from the needs assessment will be documented with recommendations in a final needs assessment report.

Social Enterprise Development and Feasibility Study

A Closer Look - Community Needs Assessment
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