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Kitchener Market

The City of Kitchener Market

Eco-Ethonomics’ consultant team began working with City of Kitchener staff to engage stakeholders and strategic partners throughout southwestern Ontario and Waterloo Region to collect feedback from a variety of stakeholders whose ideas and perspectives will assist in setting new strategic priorities for the Kitchener market. The Kitchener market has enjoyed a long history with many successes and has been recognized as a key asset that fits within the City’s vision of developing a culturally vibrant downtown experience.  Eco-Ethonomics’ work includes a market manager webinar forum, a dinner with market vendors, filming of one minute spot polls with individual citizens and an online innovation challenge.  All information collected will be packaged into a stakeholder consultation report and utilized for informing the new 2015-2019 Kitchener Market Strategic Plan.

Stakeholder Engagement and Strategic Planning

Kitchener Market
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