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Peel Alternatives to Choosing Hospitalization (PATCH)

Peel Alternatives to Choosing Hospitalization

Eco-Ethonomics is currently working with the steering committee of PATCH, an initiative in Peel that connects community agencies, the Region of Peel and Healthcare institutions to work to coordinate community based care for people who are vulnerable, homeless or living in poverty.  PATCH is an initiative born out of the SharED collaboration, which is designing a community coordinated service delivery model for ensuring more equitable and seemless access to healthcare services for individuals who have complex needs.  The project intends to divert individuals who end up in the Emergency ward at the William Osler Health Centre.   The work includes developing a new collaborative model, spelling out the roles of many partners, and developing an evaluation framework, toolbox and writing a final report.  The group of stakeholders is highly committed to a “collective impact” approach and is working across all sector and service divides.

Developmental Evaluation and Research

SharED Collaboration
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Dec 2013 - Jun 2014