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White Ribbon National Evaluation Project

White Ribbon National Community of Practice

Eco-Ethonomics Inc. is currently working with White Ribbon to develop a common evaluation framework focusing on engaging boys and men in gender-based violence programming. The project encompasses the evaluation of nine innovative programs spread across Canada.  The objective is to increase the capacity of organizations to work with men and boys to prevent violence against women and girls and to create a platform for sustaining engagement longer term.  This three year contract will include support with all grant recipients across Canada in sharing effective practices in their respective programs and communities with a view to build a National Community of Practice for engaging boys and men in gender-based violence prevention programming. The project also includes the development of a national evaluation framework for the community of practice that builds on current knowledge and helps to document the impact and facilitate learning among multiple stakeholders.  A toolkit and effective practice report will be developed to be openly shared with the community of practice and beyond.  The Eco-Ethonomics team is enthralled by the opportunity to work with White Ribbon and their partners nation-wide to enhance their mission of ending violence against women!!

National Evaluation Project

White Ribbon
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