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Vital Video

VITAL VIDEO  is a production company based in Toronto, Ontario that prides itself on high quality, affordable, video solutions. We live in a time when a video can tell your story, tip your brand, or even change the world. Video has become a huge phenomenon on the internet, not only as a social medium, but also as a VITAL business tool.

In the past, getting a professional online video was an option that was only affordable to large companies. VITAL VIDEO is changing the game. More affordable technology and years of production experience have enabled us to offer a production service that is low in cost and high in production value.

We have simplified the video production process, for clients both big and small, by getting rid of all of the unnecessary extras. This keeps our prices down. We give small businesses a chance to compete, and large businesses the opportunity to cut costs. VITAL VIDEO offers its services at a fraction of a typical agency’s fee, while maintaining the highest standards. We offer you a chance to compete at prices you can afford.

VITAL VIDEO captures the genuine side of a business and tells the story behind it to welcome customers to your site and make it a more personable experience. After all, isn’t trying to relate to customers on a more personal level “the golden egg” that every business is trying to achieve with their advertising? One promotional video can be utilized over a broad network consisting of website, facebook, youtube, promotional and informational packages, embedded into emails, etc… Our past clients were very impressed with the product we produced for them and we believe you will be too.




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The One Network

The ONE Network  is a community driven media network dedicated to catalyzing a shift in collective consciousness from the illusion of separateness to the reality of “ONEness” and begin to foster “Humanity 2.0”.  ALL problems in the world derive from an outdated understanding of who we are, our relationship to one another and the world around us. As the institutions that have informed our co-existence on this planet continue to crumble under the weight of their lack of sustainability and congruence with reality, a more holistic, conscious, interdependent meme is emerging that will drive society going forward. The ONE Network is committed to expediting the process of “Conscious Evolution” through communication, collaboration and co-creation. We are a media network, a facilitator, a community and a home for all people who know that everything is connected and that therefore, logically, our destiny is interdependent.

While we aim to be accessible to any and all people looking to get involved in the conversation about “Humanity 2.0”, we are less interested in “converting” people than we are in mobilizing a critical mass community who’ve already begun their individual journeys towards an interconnected existence.


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