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MATCH International Women’s Fund (the MATCH Fund)

MATCH International Women's Fund (the MATCH Fund)

The MATCH Fund is Canada’s only international women’s fund.  They fund grassroots women’s rights organizations around the world as they work to dismantle barriers, challenge perceptions and advance women’s rights.  The MATCH Fund came to Eco-Ethonomics for help in determining what the best strategy was for the future of their social enterprise, Cov(her).  Cov(her) had been providing back-office supports (Human Resources and Bookkeeping and Strategic Financial Management) for a number of women’s rights organizations, but as those organizations had grown, the demands on Cov(her) were changing and it was time to revisit the model.  Through market research and a facilitated workshop, Eco-Ethonomics was able to help the MATCH Fund make the best strategic decisions for the social enterprise and for the MATCH Fund as an organization

Social Enterprise Development and Feasibility Study

MATCH International Women's Fund
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