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Victorian Order of Nurses – OSNP South West Region – Adopt a Program Campaign

Victorian Order of Nurses - Ontario Student Nutrition Program of South West Region

Eco-Ethonomics has been hired to assist in the development of a social or digital media strategy for the Victorian Order of Nurses’ Adopt-a-Program campaign that aims to get donors to sponsor one or more schools which will enable them to receive fresh fruits and vegetable for 8 weeks.  VON has piloted the 8 week fruit and vegetable pilot project for numerous years and has had much success in both sourcing as much local product as possible, but also gaining the interest of schools participating in the Ontario Student Nutrition Program across Southwestern Ontario.   The digital media strategy will help to create awareness around the 8 week fruit and vegetable initiative, enable local community agencies and supporters to participate in the campaign, and raise funds to have more schools participate and have children receive fresh, healthy produce.

Social Media and Digital Strategy

Social Media and Digital Strategy


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