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ONN Releases Report on Non-Profit Ownership

The Ontario Non-Profit Network (ONN) recently released a report, “Not for Sale: The Case for Non-Profit Ownership” on November 7th, 2018.  The report highlights the difficulties non-profit and charitable organizations in Canada face when trying to own and maintain capital infrastructure, or assets, and the importance of community ownership of these assets. The report makes a strong case against the private ownership of community assets such as hospitals, nursing homes, …Read More

Review and Highlights: Government of Canada’s 2018 Fall Economic Statement

Just in case you missed the Federal Government’s 2018 Fall Economic Statement, which included an announcement of $805 million for social innovation, we wanted to share a few key highlights. There were a couple key announcements included in the 2018 Fall Economic Statement that will impact the work we do here at Eco-Ethonomics as well as that of our clients: The Government of Canada announced in August 2018 that it …Read More

Traditional vs. Agile: Which Project Management Style Suits the Non-Profit Sector Better?

Traditional (waterfall) project management has been around for decades and applies to many industries, it is what most of us working in the non-profit and social enterprise sectors are familiar with.   Agile project management, specifically Scrum, however, is relatively new and is primarily used in the IT sector, specifically for software development projects. At a recent Lunch and Learn, the Eco-Ethonomics team looked more closely at the Scrum project management …Read More