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Evaluation Planning and Capacity Building

United Church of Canada – Social Replication Research

The United Church of Canada (UCC) is interested in assessing the applicability of social enterprises within the United Church of Canada Network given its potential to create sustainable, replicable, and scalable impact. To this end, Eco-Ethonomics has been hired to assist UCC in conducting research to better understand the different types of social franchises with greatest relevance within the church space context; to identify the necessary conditions for UCC churches …Read More

Ontario Student Nutrition Program Network

The goal of the OSNPN is to build awareness, support, and sustainability so that students across Ontario can experience the positive social, academic and health outcomes that are often associated with increasing access to healthy foods in schools. Eco-Ethonomics Inc. is currently working with OSNPN to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of its Food and Logistics efforts in order to identify challenges and opportunities related to procuring and delivering food to …Read More

Grand Erie Immigration Partnership

Eco-Ethonomics Inc. is working with Grand Erie Immigration Partnership to analyze data across their catchment area from three different evaluation processes. The Eco-Ethonomics team is analyzing the results from an in-depth newcomer consultation, an online survey conducted with service providers and community organizations, as well as, the Employer One survey.  Our roles is to prepare a summary report that highlights overall results from the work of GEIP over the course of …Read More

White Ribbon National Evaluation Project

Eco-Ethonomics Inc. is currently working with White Ribbon to develop a common evaluation framework focusing on engaging boys and men in gender-based violence programming. The project encompasses the evaluation of nine innovative programs spread across Canada.  The objective is to increase the capacity of organizations to work with men and boys to prevent violence against women and girls and to create a platform for sustaining engagement longer term.  This three year contract …Read More

Food Secure Canada

Eco-Ethonomics Inc. is working with senior management, staff and the Board of Directors at Food Secure Canada to develop an evaluation framework for the organization.  The project includes developing a ‘theory of change’, an evaluation framework, a number of evaluation tools and defining processes for tracking, monitoring, documenting and reporting on outcomes.

St. Leonard’s Place Peel

Eco-Ethonomics worked with St. Leonard’s board members, senior management and staff, over a period of 6 months to develop an evaluation framework with a core set of indicators to measure cross programmatic outcomes.  This process resulted in a number of evaluation tools being developed and introduced into how SLPP’s staff regularly document the progress of participants.  The process also helped educate a number of SLPP’s funders on the high risk …Read More