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Social Impact Assessment

Cooperative Housing Federation of Canada

Eco-Ethonomics Inc. has been hired by the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada to assess the social, economic and environmental impact of their assessment management and refinancing service within their commercial services division.  The project aims to undertake a rigorous analysis of approximately 20 Housing Co-operatives that have successfully accessed refinancing through the CHF Canada program.  The objective is to understand the full value that Housing Co-ops are getting from the …Read More

Computers for Success Canada

Computers for Schools is a national program which consists of nine provincial and territorial partners across the country that receive, refurbish and deliver electronics to schools in their province.  The supply of electronics consists primarily of those used and then donated by the Federal Government and then distributed by the National Technology Centre to provincial and territorial partners.  Eco-Ethonomics’ team of consultants were hired by Computers for Success Canada to …Read More

Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada

Eco-Ethonomics Inc. and associates is currently working with the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada to clarify their asset management and refinancing services and conduct an evaluation of the social and economic impact of that these services have had on participating housing co-operatives. This will assist the organization in further clarifying and quantifying the true value that these fee-for-service products have for their clients, so as to refine marketing and promotional …Read More