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Stakeholder Engagement and Strategic Decision Making

Victorian Order of Nurses

The Victorian Order of Nurses is interested in expanding it’s 8-Week Fruit and Vegetable Local Food Procurement Pilot program that is run by the Ontario Student Nutrition Program South West Region by utilizing a collective impact approach as a means to demonstrate the potential impact of the local food procurement model at scale. Eco-Ethonomics’ consulting team has been hired to assist in this process to help build buy-in among key sector players, …Read More

National Farmers Union – Ontario

The National Farmers Union – Ontario is a farm organization whose members work together to advocate for policies that maintain small and medium sized family farms as the primary food-producers in Canada. The NFU-O believes agriculture should be economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable and lead to enriched soils, biodiverse ecosystems, financially-viable farms, health and safe food, and thriving rural communities. Eco-Ethonomics Inc. has been hired to undertake an organizational review …Read More

Ontario Natural Food Co-op

Ontario Natural Food Co-op (ONFC) has hired Eco Ethonomics Inc. to help identify various possible structural relationships between ONFC and Local Organic Food Co-op Network for the 2016-2018 fiscal years. To complete this task, Eco Ethonomics Inc. will devise a host of options for the structural relationship, articulate the risks and benefits of each option, use a decision making framework to weigh relevant factors, and make a recommendation on the …Read More