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New co-location space open in Scarborough! Up to 5,000 sq.ft. available!

5,000 sq.ft. of commercial space is available for lease! The building is perfect for a growing or established company, and is conveniently located in West Hill near Kingston Road, offering access to both Scarborough and Durham Regions. The space includes multiple private offices (100 – 200+ sq.ft. each), a kitchen, private entrance and free parking for staff and clients! The space is located within a United Church currently undergoing a transition …Read More

Prime Time for Food System Change

Canada’s first ever National Food Policy is set to be released this year.  To mark the moment Food Secure Canada is organizing its largest food movement event to date in Montreal.   From November 1 – 4thjoin the Eco-Ethonomics Team and Canada’s most passionate policy makers, leaders, activists and innovators who are working to build a Healthy, Just and Sustainable Local Food System in Canada!    Food Secure Canada’s National …Read More

Governance Training with Eco-Ethonomics

At Eco-Ethonomics (EE) we believe that good governance is strategic governance.  We believe that governance is an important tool to help public-benefit organizations align how an organization operates with what it wants to achieve.  Strategic governance is more than reviewing financial statements and ensuring appropriate policies are in place, it’s about understanding the balance between organizational interests and an organization’s mission, the changing landscape in which an organization operates and, …Read More

Educating Men, Protecting Women

Evaluation and impact assessment is an area that we get excited about and are thrilled to be working in. In fact, we specialize in developmental evaluation, outcome-based evaluation, third-party evaluation, and overall organizational assessment. This means we get the chance to co-design and develop innovative evaluation frameworks and tools on a regular basis, and we couldn’t be more excited to share one of these with you. Eco-Ethonomics worked with White Ribbon Canada and its National Community of …Read More

Eco-Ethonomics’ New Social Impact Report Card

Eco-Ethonomics prides itself on leveraging cross-sector expertise to provide strategic advice, foster collaboration and facilitate cultural change in order to create social, environmental, and economic impact.  We have had the pleasure of serving a diversity of populations and supporting non-profit organizations, various levels of government, and private sector companies across the country. An infographic is a great way to clearly and quickly share important information, key data, and valuable knowledge with others. Infographics can also be used …Read More

Social Enterprise in Ontario – Making a Lasting Impact

The social enterprise sector in Ontario is rich, diverse and growing at an incredible pace. With over 10,000 social enterprises in Ontario, employing an estimated 160,000 people and serving 3.4 million customers a year- the importance of this sector cannot be understated. The benefits of the sector are incredibly impressive including job creation; environmental protection; local food promotion; community development; empowerment and up-skilling of vulnerable individuals and communities and poverty …Read More

Crowdfunding Your Startup – Hot Tips

Crowdfunding Your Startup – Hot Tips Brian Meece, Co-Founder & CEO, RocketHub, highlights the pillars of successful crowdfunding and explains what motivates people to commit funds.  Brian reveals some of the secrets to being successful at crowd funding.  To name a few tips, he explains the basics of storytelling, engaging the community by communicating your “why” and inviting people to “trade” not “aid” your startup.

Social Entrepreneurs: Pioneering Social Change

Social Entrepreneurs: Pioneering Social Change Mohammad Yunus starts the video off with his story about micro-finance in Bangladesh.  Since founding Grameen Bank, he began a revolution in lending impoverished citizens small amounts of money which enabled them to earn a livelihood and begin their ascent from poverty.  Yunus decided that “credit” was a human right and was essential to economic and social inclusion.  The change that he has created from …Read More

Stephen Ritz: A Teacher Growing Green in the South Bronx

Stephen Ritz: A Teacher Growing Green in the South Bronx Stephen Ritz embodies the exuberance and energy of the social entrepreneur.  Watching this video is truly inspiring and showcases the addictive nature of social change.  Leading his classes of kids in the South Bronx to cultivate urban gardens, from veggies to indoor plants, Stephen Ritz’s students are constructing green walls and decorating indoor spaces with plant life.  Bringing the concrete …Read More