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Organizational and Collaborative Development

York Region – Ontario Food Collaborative

The Ontario Food Collaborative focuses on the link between post consumer food waste reduction and health eating attitudes and behaviours. Eco-Ethonomics Inc. is coaching and facilitating discussions with the Streering Committee and Working Groups to implement the 2016-2018 Strategic Plan. Eco-Ethonomics will ensure the Collaborative maintains momentum over the next two years while building a diverse membership that generates substantial impact. The collaborative includes health units, municipal and provincial governments, …Read More

South Central Ontario Region Economic Development Corporation

The SCOR FoodHub is an online marketplace of food grown, harvested, and produced in the South Central Ontario Region (SCOR), and designed for the institutional and food service buyer. Over the course of developing the FoodHub, it became evident to the project team that a number of organizations in the region are working on a diversity of local food initiatives, ranging from small community-based research projects and community supported agricultural …Read More

Huron Food Action Network

Eco-Ethonomics Inc. and associates are currently working with Huron County to develop a food policy council and food charter across Huron County. The approach has been to connect the skilled and knowledgeable set of leaders across Huron County through a series of community meetings. These meetings have resulted in strong participation in one of Ontario’s most agriculturally rich regions. The group has since elected a Executive Committee, developed a terms …Read More