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Strategic Planning

Foundation for Rural Living

Eco-Ethonomics provided a detailed environmental scan and stakeholder consultation prior to facilitating strategic planning with the foundations board of directors.  The organization successfully set its strategic direction for the next three years.

Pet-Trust Fund

Eco-Ethonomics facilitated an extensive stakeholder consultation process followed by strategic planning where the board of directors set the direction for the organization for the next five years.  One of the outcomes of this process was that the organization planned to raise $10 million for a cancer care centre for companion animals.

Heifer Foundation Canada

Eco-Ethonomics facilitated a two-day strategic planning retreat for the board of directors for the international development organization focused on poverty reduction through improving food security through systemic change projects.  The board created a vision, developed a strategy and set targets for resource development, for the next three years.

Department of Clinical Studies

Eco-Ethonomics facilitated strategic planning with the Clinical Studies Department in December 2011 to March 2012 and continues to facilitate implementation planning working group sessions to complete the process.  Eco-Ethonomics helped facilitate a joint planning process for the Dean’s Council meeting presentation between the Clinical Studies Department Chair and the Health Sciences Centre CEO.  The team is now facilitating a process for departmental decision making around new faculty hiring.

Department of Pathobiology

Eco-Ethonomics and associates, facilitated strategic and educational planning with the Pathobiology Department in Dec 2011, and assisted in facilitating implementation planning to make initiatives manageable.  During this process the faculty and department staff participated in a two day retreat that resulted in a strong 5 year plan for moving the department forward in the direction it envisioned for itself.  With over 25 participants the planning days allowed faculty to come …Read More

Terra Firma

Eco-Ethonomics Inc. provided strategic advice to the founder and board of Terra Firma on developing resources and pitching a unique approach to international development to private foundations, including the Sprott Foundation.


Eco-Ethonomics and associates worked with the steering committee of Gateway in Huron County to develop a strategic plan for building an independent health research network that links University health research to rural populations.  The idea is to encourage the growth of health research on rural populations to improve health care and attract medical practitioners with strong research interests to their community.  Through this process the organization explored the possibilities of …Read More

Department of Population Medicine

Eco-Ethonomics and associates, facilitated strategic and educational planning with the Population Medicine Department in August 2011 and followed up with implementation planning in smaller groups.  During this process the department set its directives for the next 5 years, mapped its community of stakeholders, brainstormed key influencers in its environment, identified the upcoming needs of students and planned how they were going to balance their workload under the constraints of resource …Read More

Campbell Centre for the Study of Animal Welfare

Eco-Ethonomics and associates conducted a full community consultation process which consisted of 30 interviews with key stakeholders.  Information gathered led to important learning that helped to guide the board of directors decision making at their annual strategic planning retreat.  Eco-Ethonomics and associates planned and facilitated a two-day strategic planning session with the board of directors which led to the development of a strong strategic plan.