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Calling All Social Impact Leaders! Toronto+Acumen is Accepting Applicants for their 2018 Impact Circle

Toronto+Acumen is all about supporting the social innovation leaders of tomorrow. Embracing both the risk implicit in venture philanthropy and the growth necessary to be successful in social entrepreneurship, Toronto+ Acumen is getting ready to launch its 2019 Impact Circle. The Impact Circle will recruit 20+ social impact leaders to cultivate their interest in venture philanthropy and social entrepreneurship and empower them to be a success. Their goal is to …Read More

This Holiday Season Get to Know: Feed the Need Durham

The holidays are right around the corner, but what do you get the person who has everything? Why not gift them with the gift of, well… giving. Feed the Need Durham is the regional food distribution warehouse serving Durham Region. They provide the food necessary to keep emergency food providers such as food banks, soup kitchens, community service centres, shelters, drop-in centres and breakfast feeding programs going. This holiday season …Read More

Evaluating Evaluation: Ontario’s Non-Profit Network Releases “State of Evaluation”

Evaluation is necessary to maintain the integrity of the non-profit sector. If good is the new currency, those of us in this industry need new ways of measuring that “good”. No easy feat, evaluation work is often a stressful, expensive and time-consuming process at best. Although in some ways the moral backbone of our sector, evaluation is also one of the least discussed topics. How many of us engage in …Read More

Just Released: Canada’s Social Innovation and Social Finance Strategy

A year ago a steering committee was appointed by the Federal Government with the goal of co-creating a national Social Innovation and Social Finance Strategy. Canada consistently tops international rankings for happiness and liveability, but we have challenges of our own to overcome – poverty, indigenous injustice, homelessness, climate change, to name but a few. Complex issues demand innovative thinkers and luckily, we are a nation of those too. The …Read More

The Tapestry of Change: Weaving Together Social Enterprise and Financial Investments

A recent partner of Eco-Ethonomics, Tapestry Community Capital, has become particularly well known through their partnership with the Centre for Social Innovation (CSI). The CSI is the place in the city where innovators and those driven by social missions congregate to expound ideas and bring real change to their communities. CSI’s success is largely tied to the inspiring spaces that they occupy, which were purchased and brought to life with the power …Read More

Funding the Future with Vancity Community Investment Bank

The motto at Vancity Community Investment Bank? Finance Change, Change Finance. That might be hard to swallow coming from a bank, but that’s exactly what makes Vancity Community Bank both revolutionary and necessary. Their goal is to change what Canadians and society at large have come to expect from banks. No easy feat, but things worth doing rarely are. Vancity believes if they can change the way people view finance, then we can …Read More