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The Tapestry of Change: Weaving Together Social Enterprise and Financial Investments

A recent partner of Eco-Ethonomics, Tapestry Community Capital, has become particularly well known through their partnership with the Centre for Social Innovation (CSI). The CSI is the place in the city where innovators and those driven by social missions congregate to expound ideas and bring real change to their communities. CSI’s success is largely tied to the inspiring spaces that they occupy, which were purchased and brought to life with the power of Community Bonds.

Community Bonds are an innovative social finance tool that create a new avenue for non-profit and co-operative organizations to finance capital projects. Community Bonds allow us to begin to think of our community as our capital by elevating supporters to become investors.

Community bonds function much like traditional bonds, having a fixed term and interest rate, but appeal emotionally to investors with a social or environmental return in addition to a fair financial return. Building with community investors means building community ownership, and building community ownership means building community assets and wealth.

Enter Tapestry Community Capital, CSI’s counselor and collaborator and the orchestrator of Community Bonds. Tapestry can help you grow your ideas and bring projects with meaningful social and environmental impact to life. With Tapestry, investors become supporters of visionaries and in doing so, visionaries themselves. Tapestry helps you structure your investment, find your investors to raise the money you need, and manage your bonds. Curious to learn more?

Visit https://tapestrycapital.ca/

Or contact Ryan Collins-Swartz, Tapestry’s Social Impact Manager, to inquire
about their free Community Bonds Accelerator Workshop.