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Funding the Future with Vancity Community Investment Bank

The motto at Vancity Community Investment Bank? Finance Change, Change Finance. That might be hard to swallow coming from a bank, but that’s exactly what makes Vancity Community Bank both revolutionary and necessary. Their goal is to change what Canadians and society at large have come to expect from banks. No easy feat, but things worth doing rarely are. Vancity believes if they can change the way people view finance, then we can begin to finance more change.

Vancity’s focus is on funding social, environmental and economically sustainable projects that promote the health of communities with 100% of their lending. These are investments with meaning. And the measure of success isn’t just dollars and cents, it’s about impact.

Special areas of focus include renewable energy, social enterprises, indigenous and other diversity-oriented entrepreneurs as well as impactful real estate. Building the future often starts with the spaces we occupy and that’s why Vancity Community Investment Bank seeks to finance organizations who aim to create green buildings, eco-efficient retrofits, affordable housing,  preserve heritage spaces, or those buildings occupied by non-profits.

Are you an entrepreneur with a passion for social issues and developing beautiful, integrated and sustainable communities? Find out what Vancity Community Investment Bank can do for your organization by visiting their website: https://vancitycommunityinvestmentbank.ca.