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Evaluation and Assessment

FoodSecure Canada

Eco-Ethonomics Inc. worked with Food Secure Canada to evaluate its national EAT, THINK, VOTE campaign. Food Secure Canada and its partners organized food events across the country to engage citizens and candidates in the upcoming federal election (October 2015) on making a national food policy a priority and eventually a reality in Canada. Eco-Ethonomics Inc. was contracted to evaluate the efforts of this campaign. Through the evaluation process, Eco-Ethonomics interviewed EAT, THINK, …Read More

Sustain Ontario and FoodShare Toronto

Sustain Ontario are FoodShare Toronto are interested in better understanding the allocation of food funding dollars throughout Ontario’s food system and increasing the ability of food system actors to evaluate their impact. With this in mind, Sustain Ontario and FoodShare Toronto have hired Eco-Ethonomics to engage and encourage food system funders and food funding applicants and recipients to complete an online financial mobilization survey. The survey provides information regarding the …Read More

FoodShare Toronto

Eco-Ethonomics Inc. is currently working with FoodShare Toronto to review their evaluation processes and tracking system across the organizations’ many programs and activities.  Being one of the premier food security and food literacy organizations in Canada, FoodShare has asked Eco-Ethonomics to audit and verify its social impact to increase its ability to report and communicate its impact effectively.  Throughout this process Eco-Ethonomics team aims to assist in the standardization of evaluation practices and …Read More

Food Secure Canada – 8th National Assembly

Eco-Ethonomics Inc. developed and designed the evaluation of the 8th National Food Assembly in Halifax in November 2014. Eco-Ethonomics President organized, coordinated the evaluation team and actively participated in the evaluation of many concurrent sessions, as well as, the Pro Action Café an open space activity with over 450 participants. Eco-Ethonomics is currently in the process of producing an evaluation report that will demonstrate the outcomes of the national assembly.

Healthy Living Niagara

Eco-Ethonomics Inc. has been contracted to conduct an independent evaluation of the Fuelling Healthy Bodies pilot project on behalf of Healthy Living Niagara.  The project includes a thorough review of the pilot project and it’s implementation process which attempted to market test healthy options on three arena concession stands across the Niagara Region.   Detailed sales tracking data will be analyzed across sites and numbers will be compared to previous years sales …Read More

Grand Erie Immigration Partnership

Eco-Ethonomics Inc. is working with Grand Erie Immigration Partnership to analyze data across their catchment area from three different evaluation processes. The Eco-Ethonomics team is analyzing the results from an in-depth newcomer consultation, an online survey conducted with service providers and community organizations, as well as, the Employer One survey.  Our roles is to prepare a summary report that highlights overall results from the work of GEIP over the course of …Read More

White Ribbon National Evaluation Project

Eco-Ethonomics Inc. is currently working with White Ribbon to develop a common evaluation framework focusing on engaging boys and men in gender-based violence programming. The project encompasses the evaluation of nine innovative programs spread across Canada.  The objective is to increase the capacity of organizations to work with men and boys to prevent violence against women and girls and to create a platform for sustaining engagement longer term.  This three year contract …Read More

Food Secure Canada

Eco-Ethonomics Inc. is working with senior management, staff and the Board of Directors at Food Secure Canada to develop an evaluation framework for the organization.  The project includes developing a ‘theory of change’, an evaluation framework, a number of evaluation tools and defining processes for tracking, monitoring, documenting and reporting on outcomes.

St. Leonard’s Place Peel

Eco-Ethonomics assisted the senior management team at St. Leonard’s Place Peel to expand their residential housing program by 42 beds. The process included researching and developing a business case for demonstrating the community need for an expanded housing facility, constructing a theory of change and logic model for the program, and developing evaluation framework, tools and reporting mechanisms. The program designed was launched after a major building expansion project and …Read More

Peel Alternatives to Choosing Hospitalization (PATCH)

Eco-Ethonomics is currently working with the steering committee of PATCH, an initiative in Peel that connects community agencies, the Region of Peel and Healthcare institutions to work to coordinate community based care for people who are vulnerable, homeless or living in poverty.  PATCH is an initiative born out of the SharED collaboration, which is designing a community coordinated service delivery model for ensuring more equitable and seemless access to healthcare …Read More